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A Car Campers Diary - Fav's To Bring Camping

A Car Campers Diary - Fav's To Bring Camping

We all have those things that we just can't live without in life. For some its a favorite sweatshirt, for others its the lucky rabbits foot, and others its that watch that fits just perfectly snug to your wrist. Whatever yours is, we get it! Comfort, luck, style, or whatever other reason you have to love that particular item, its important we all have them. So, in this Diary of a Car Camper, we look at our fav's to bring on our outdoor adventure. Now, before we start looking at our top 3, I want everyone to know this isn't a plug for our amazing products. Our products change the landscaping for camping gear for sure with their comfort and durability, but we also have an open mind to other things that might not be essential, and trust me. LaidBack products in are an obvious essential. So, without further ado, here is our top three "do not leave these at home" essentials.

3. A Mesh Bag: This one easily made the list and the big reason why is versatility. With a mesh bag, you can easily keep track of anything you want without losing them. Keys, phone, wallet all are easy to lose since you usually have them on you in the real world, but when you are camping, they usually aren't needed and are easy to lose track of. Going to the lake? Mesh bags can bring those beers with you, keep them cold floating in the river without letting them float away, and even bring back the empties easily. These are also great to hang inside your tent to keep that disaster somewhat organized. There are a lot of sizes out there too, so anything you might need to store, you can easily find a size to fit it.

2. Vodka: Some of you out there might say "I never leave home without it!" and others might say, "I'm a beer guy", but we aren't referring to your favorite campfire beverage. As some of you may have tried in 2020, vodka was used to make hand sanitizer, and so we keep it around for just that reason. Dirty knife, soak it in vodka to kill the germs, clean that favorite cup, wash that cutting board, etc. Its also great to clean your hands if you have been touching less than clean items while camping. Before you start yelling "ALCOHOL ABUSE!" you need to know sanitizing items is often the most under utilized cleaning around a campsite, so if you need to cleaning, make sure you are killing those germs!

1. Multi Tool: We have actually been very surprised by the amount of camping boxes that do not include this camping staple which is why it make the list and not surprisingly, at number one. As you might be able to tell by this list, and what we believe to be important in camping essentials, is that they need to have more than one use. When camping, backpacking, mountaineering, or just down right adventuring,  it is important to have as may items as you can that can serve more than one purpose. Hence the reason the multi tool is number one. Knife, file, screwdriver, and even beer opener this tool has a little something for all situations. If you do not have one of these in your camping box, car, house, or really anywhere, run out and get a few ASAP. They are that important.

So there we have it. As we said, no plugs for the best comfort camping equipment in the world with the LaidBack Pad, Pillow, Blanket, or Clothing, but rather our take on what really makes a fully equipped camping box for that perfect camping trip. What do you think? Let us know!

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