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How To Roll Your LaidBack Pad

How To Roll Your LaidBack Pad

I often get the question about how to roll up a LaidBack Pad. So I wanted to throw up a blog post describing how to properly roll it up because it will save you space in your car, and you will have plenty of webbing to clip it into place. At the end of this directional blog post, I am also going to link to our YouTube Chanel the video showing just what these directions look like so if you are like me, you can visually see it as well as reading about it. Using these directions and this video will save you time and space with your LaidBack Pad, so lets get started!

The first thing I like to tell people about this, is that when you receive your LaidBack Pad, take a picture of how the straps are when it comes out of the box. This is the proper way for it to be rolled up so take note and it may save you these questions. Also, when you unroll it for the first time, take it slowly so you can see just how it is done and how it should be re-rolled when you are done with your first adventure with your new camping pad. But, lets assume you are reading this after you have unrolled it and when you tried to put it back in your car, it seemed bigger. Memory foam, in a sense, is like an air mattress. You need to compress it as much as you can so that it can become as small as you can.

So first things first, you will need to make sure the pad is laid out and you are at the bottom of it and the straps should be at the top. Grab the bottom of the pad and start rolling it as tightly as you can. Pull the pad towards you as you roll it and use your body weight to compress the memory foam. As you get closer to the top, you will see strap sown into the pad cover that goes side to side. It will have two loops. Now, grab the first strap at the top and loop it through the first loop. Enter through the bottom and loop around back toward the clip and clip in that side. Now, do the same on the other side, so both should be clipped. Note that the straps DO NOT go all the way around the pad. Wrapping the webbing all the way around it will not give you enough webbing and will not allow for the most compact roll. Once it is clipped, put your body weight on the rolled pad, and tighten the straps. This will give your pad the most compression and therefore the tightest roll.

And, as promised, here is the link to our YouTube Channel with the directions on how to roll up our LaidBack Pad.

So, there you have it. A step by step instruction on how to roll it up correctly and save yourself space and time. Just some more reasons to love your new camping pad!

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