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Our LaidBack Love For Fall Camping

Our LaidBack Love For Fall Camping

Fall is one of our favorite times of year. The crisp air, the changing colors, and the less crowded camp sites makes it perfect for getting out and enjoy some camping before the snow flies. At LaidBack Pads, we don't have a season we don't like and don't camp in, but Fall is just amazing!

On those cold and crisp mornings, we just love to enjoy the first moments in comfort and warmth after a good nights sleep. Enjoying the blended memory foam pad that has delivered comfort all night, and the polar fleece cover that keeps us warm with those chilly temperatures. Its great to take those moments in the early morning to enjoy the great nights sleep you just had.

After we unzip the sleeping bag and tent, and take a look around at the beauty mother nature has given us. Multi color leaves, snow covered peaks, and the dark green evergreens make for a color pallet Bob Ross would be proud of. Dont take these moments of beauty for granted, and make sure you enjoy them.

Get that fire started next along with coffee pot to get your morning started right. Wrap yourself in the LaidBack Blanket while you wait for both to get going to stay warm. Campfires are always amazing, but the warmth and the smell are especially enjoyable during the fall. Nothing makes me think of Fall like the smell of a campfire, As the sun slowly rises over the mountains and begins to warm the cold, chilly air, start planning your day of adventure.

If you can't tell, the LaidBack Pads team loves a good Fall camping trip, and we hope you love it too. Now get your LaidBack gear and get out there!

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