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Spring Has Sprung And Its Time To Camp

Spring Has Sprung And Its Time To Camp

Spring has finally arrived and as the ground thaws and the birds start chirping, our mind immediately jumps to where can we get out and explore! The desert is a perfect place to go, so we load up are camping pads and camping gear and drive 4 hours west to the majestic red rock cliffs, slot canyons, and sand dunes in a little town called Moab. Moab is home to some of the best jeeping, hiking, and biking in the world, and spring is the perfect time to take advantage of all it has to offer. In the summer the temperatures are well over 100 degrees making adventuring near impossible. In the winter the snow is flying and even though we love our winter camping, we save that for the mountains. Spring time can bring a multitude of different types of weather to Moab, so watch out on your weather app for the best time. 


In this blog we wanted to share our favorite places to camp in Moab, because at LaidBack Pads, we want you to enjoy your campsite just as much as you enjoy your sleeping pad. So here are our top 3.


#3. Devil's Garden: Located in Arches National Park, and the only campground in Arches, there is something to be said about the natural beauty that surrounds this campground. Its not the biggest campground and does fill up fast but if you can get in here you are in for a treat.

#2. Kayenta Campground: This is the smallest of the three campgrounds we love having just about 20 spots, but there is lots of room and privacy for you and your group of adventurers. The campground is in the Dead Horse area of Moab located just outside of town to the North. This are well equipped sites and even have shade which is a huge plus on those hot days.

#1. Sand Flats: Sand Flats is very well known for it recreational vehicle trails as well as bike trails, but it also has some of the best camping spots you can find in Moab. On a weekend it is jam packed but the spaces are spread out enough that you do have some good privacy. The rock formations are great for kids and adults to climb on and get a great view of the whole sand flat rec area. It is also located just outside of town so if you forgot something, or just want to wander the streets and do some shopping, you have only a short drive to get there. In Sand Flats you will find the best campsites the further back you go, so make sure to keep on moving to find the best spot.

We hope this helps you out on your next adventure to Moab. You and your LaidBack Pad and Pillow will have a great time! 

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