LaidBack Pads



Founded in 2015, LaidBack Pads started as a passion project by a Telluride, Colorado entrepreneur determined to sleep under the stars without the inevitable compromise of comfort. After years of camping, using every top-brand sleeping pad on the market, from thick foam to inflatable mats that would leak air throughout the night – it became clear that for good night’s rest, we would need to come up with our own solution.

Thus, with “need as the mother of innovation,” our journey began, committed to finding a better way to experience the outdoors. We worked diligently, evaluating every idea, every material, and every comfortable mattress we could get our hands on. With enough ideas and prototypes in hand, we headed to our favorite place, the outdoors, to test, tweak, and test some more… until we nailed it!

Instead of a single type of foam like most pads, we discovered the secret was in layering several densities of foam in one pad – specifically, memory foam. It was through this technique that we finally achieved what we set out to achieve – a camping pad that offered firm support, soft comfort, long-term durability, and the ability to absorb virtually any bump on the ground.

Good news travels fast, and before we knew it, we were selling the original LaidBack Pad in all 50 states and 22 countries – and we are just getting started. From our new headquarters here in Vail, Colorado, we are designing new products, sizes, and colors to bring the LaidBack Pads commitment to quality and comfort beyond the original camping pad that started it all. Our mission and goal? To help every adventurer get out and adventure comfortably. We’re excited to have you along!